Francois Maurice

It's In The Bible!!

Francois Maurice. It's In The Bible!!

My Bible illustrations are intended to evoke curiosity in the Word. The texture and context of the written Word is rich, often mysterious, simple and complex. I have tried to illustrate these truths in my drawings. I want to entice you to explore the Holy scripture that surrounds the illustrated scenes. I hope that you will want to know more about the particular situation illustrated and, sometimes more importantly, what preceded it and what the consequences are. Why did God write these particular words? Why did God choose these people to be in these situations? Why did God use angels to express His will? Why did God use animals to express His will? Why did God use people to express His will? I don't know. For me, visualizing a particular Bible scene helps define and interpret the intended message. Curiosity got the better of me so I put my imaginings to paper. I am happy with the results. I sincerely hope you enjoy these illustrations and that they are evocative enough to...

Книга (2010)
ISBN: 1612154573
Издательство: Xulon Press
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