K. Noel Amherd

Reciting IFA: Identity, Difference and Heterogeneity

K. Noel Amherd. Reciting IFA: Identity, Difference and Heterogeneity

This book generates a critical Ifa poetics and analysis that emphasizes Ifa as a philosophical heritage that privileges heterogeneity of discourses, texts, and worlds. The book foregrounds and elucidates the practices and explications of Ifa thinkers (individual babalawo and their personal elaborations and explanations) and achieves this by its detailed transcription, translation, and analysis of an actual divination that took place in Ijebu Remo, Nigeria. Therefore, the book urges returning Ifa to its actual sites of recitation and contextualization in situ where the performances are bound up in specific locations, their pasts, the participants (both human and non-), diverging interests, and the differences of style and language that reside in every performance. Many works display and/or refer to Ifa poems in order to appeal to Ifa s authority thereby supporting their arguments and theoretical considerations on other subjects but overlook the performer, the uniqueness of his...

Книга (2010)
ISBN: 1592216390
Издательство: Africa World Press
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